Food Menu

Deep Fried Green Beans    8

Served with garden ranch dipping sauce

Deviled Eggs    9

Served with pulled bacon and caviar

Small cheese board    10

A variety of cheese, meat fruit and nuts

Fried Pork Belly    10

Fried pork belly with bourbon bacon jam

Baker’s loaf    10

Cheese and pesto stuffed sourdough loaf

Bourbon Bacon Burger    16

Half pound burger with bourbon and maple glazed onions, bacon, ghouda cheese, arugula and mesquite burger sauce

Catfish and Chips    14

Hand dipped in light corn meal with our House made gin and dill tartar sauce
Served with fresh cut chips

Gold Rush Wings    8

Crispy chicken wings with a honey garlic sauce

Cast Iron Meatballs    13

Beef and Wild Boar meatballs in cast iron topped with marinara sauce with fresh spring salad

Apple Tart    8

Baked apple tart topped with our spiced rum whipped cream

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